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CampingCard ACSI 2018

CampingCard ACSI allows low-cost camping in the low season. With discounts of up to 50%

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ACSI Club ID member discount

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CampingCard ACSI is essential for every true camping enthusiast! This discount card allows low-cost camping in the low season*.

You pay one of the five fixed, low rates per night. All participating campsites are in the handy guide which you receive free of charge with the discount card.

A summary of the advantages of CampingCard ACSI:

  • Up to 50% discount in the low season
  • Camp with two adults for € 11, € 13, € 15, € 17 or € 19
  • With only 4 overnight stays** you will have earned back the purchasing price!
  • Children under six years old stay for free at 656 campsites
  • 3,330 participating campsites in 21 European countries
  • Inspected annually by ACSI inspectors
  • You receive the discount directly upon showing your card and settle your bill at the campsite
  • The guide contains GPS coordinates for easy navigation to the campsite
  • Including a miniature atlas with clear maps showing all the campsites

* The exact dates differ per campsite. The guide states in which periods each campsite accepts the discount card.
** Based on regular overnight rates in May, June and September.

ISBN 978-94-92023-49-0

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