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Go Motorhoming and Campervanning


Plenty has already been written about Motorhoming and Campervanning, but in this handy guide everything you need to know is explained in detail in each chapter; not only how things work, but also what this means in your specific case. Real life examples clarify the point and colour pictures show you exactly what to look for.

Key Features

  • Most comprehensive information about motorhomes and campervans.
  • Completely explains the concept of motorhoming.
  • Convenient index.
  • Every paragraph explains at least one new point.
  • 240 colour pages and 260 colour pictures.
  • Handy A5 pocket sized book.

The Go Motorhoming and Campervanning guide explains in a simple yet detailed way how the onboard systems work: 12V systems: leisure batteries, charging, solar panels, Efoy fuel cells, wind turbines, everything is discussed. You will also learn everything about opportunities and rules of conduct to spend the night on free motorhome parking spots along public roads.

This handbook will turn a novice into an expert. By the time you have read right through to the summary you will gain a complete understanding of motorhoming and become an experienced motorhomer without having to step foot in one.

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ISBN: 9781910664025



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