• ACSI Club ID member discount
  • Order quickly and easily
  • Pay safely

CampingCard ACSI Digital

Camp at even lower rates in the low season with CampingCard ACSI Digital. In the CampingCard ACSI app, both the discount card and an overview of all participating campsites are always available.

  • Save up to 60% a night with the digital discount card
  • Always pay one of the eight fixed, low-cost nightly rates
  • 3,000 participating campsites, inspected annually
  • Can be used without an internet connection and you check in quickly with a QR code

  • CampingCard ACSI Digital is valid for one year after the purchase date and is renewed automatically. Each year, the new discount card and new campsite information will be available in the app.

    Do you have a motorhome?

    CampingCard ACSI Digital is also available, including information about 9,000 motorhome pitches.

    Non-Members: €17.95
    Club ID members: €16.95

    ACSI Club ID member discount

    Order quickly and easily

    Pay safely

    Many camping benefits in the low season

    Who would not want to go camping at an extra low rate in the low season? With CampingCard ACSI Digital, you never pay too much for your overnight stays in the spring and autumn. At 3,000 European campsites, you can stay overnight for a fixed, low rate of 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25 or 27 euros per night. A good bargain for every campsite visitor who wants to go on holiday outside the high season. It is such a good bargain that the purchase price will be recovered within four nights.*


    How does CampingCard ACSI Digital work?

    CampingCard ACSI Digital is an app with campsite information, and includes a digital discount card. After purchasing this product, you can download the CampingCard ACSI app and log in with your account. All information about the 3,000 participating campsites will be able to be viewed from that moment on.

    Your digital discount card is also visible in the app and, if a registered card is produced, participating campsites will charge the extra low rate for two guests. And your children or grandchildren can even join you for free at 375 campsites (maximum three children up to and including 5 years old). Registering your discount card only needs to be done once and takes only a minute.

    Thanks to handy filters, you will find a place to stay overnight very quickly. You can see immediately what it is you want to see about a campsite: the location, the facilities available, the nightly rate and the acceptance period of the discount card. GPS coordinates are included for perfect navigation. In the app you can reserve a pitch straight away at an increasing number of campsites and all information can be used offline as well. This makes the app ideal for use en route. And the free updates, including changes and new campsite reviews, keep the app current at all times.


    The digital advantage

    CampingCard ACSI Digital is valid for one year after the purchase date. You decide which time of the year you would prefer to use the discount card. This is particularly handy for winter visitors. If you do not cancel (you can cancel up to 3 days before your subscription expires), the new campsite information and the new discount card will automatically become available annually in the app. CampingCard ACSI Digital is suitable for smartphones and tablets (Android 9 and above, iOS 12 and above).


    Basic rules and extra costs

    To ensure that CampingCard ACSI is a success for both the campsite visitor and the campsite, there are a few basic rules. The (digital) discount card is only valid at participating campsites (recognisable by the blue CampingCard logo) and then only during the acceptance dates. These may differ per campsite. Moreover, there are a few additional costs that campsites may charge in addition to the fixed nightly rate. Think of extra costs for energy consumption (4 kWh are included), tourist tax or environmental tax. At campingcard.com we explain which costs are included in the CampingCard ACSI rate and which are not.


    Do you have a motorhome?

    Specifically for motorhome owners, there is CampingCard ACSI & Motorhome pitches Digital. With this you also benefit from the CampingCard ACSI discount with your digital discount card at 3,000 campsites. But you also have an overview of more than 9,000 motorhome pitches throughout Europe selected by Facile Media. All of this is in one app!


    Would you rather have a paper guide?

    CampingCard ACSI is also available as a guide. The paper discount card will be inserted in the guide that also contains the complete overview of campsites.


    * Based on the standard nightly rates in May, June and September.