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Payment of your subscription

You received an e-mail from us asking you to make a payment for your subscription of one of our ACSI products. We recently started using a new system for our subscription management. The payment page may therefore look different from what you were used to. The URL has been changed as well and now begins with https://acsipublishing.chargebee.com/.

Arranging your payment is still done in a secure environment, recognisable by https:// and the lock icon in the address bar. However, we do understand that the new payment page may raise some questions. In order for you to know what to expect, we will guide you through the payment process step-by-step.

Please note that the amounts in the example are indicative.

Open the payment page

When you click on the link or button in the e-mail, the following page will open:

Arrange your payment

Pay your subscription by clicking on the red payment button. A screen will open where you can enter your payment details and make the payment.

Payment successful

If your payment was successful, you’ll see the following screen. You can then close the screen.