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Membership Benefits

Do you want to save in our webshop? Then order ACSI Club ID! Only ACSI Club ID members receive membership benefits in the form of attractive discounts on our products. In the webshop, you'll see two different prices - one for members, and the other for non-members.

Are you already a member of ACSI Club ID?

Then log in with your My ACSI account. The discount will be applied automatically.


Not yet an ACSI Club ID member?

Not yet a member of ACSI Club ID, but interested in joining? Click here to find out more about ACSI Club ID, and to become a member. You'll benefit not just from the discounts on our products in the webshop, but also from the other advantages of membership:

  • Replacement ID, accepted at almost 8,100 ACSI Campsites.*
  • You and your travel companions (up to 11 people) are automatically insured against 3rd party claims.

    You can join ACSI Club ID for just €5.95 per year.**

    * Please note, in some countries, it's still necessary to carry your passport with you. In addition, not all nationalities are able to order ACSI Club ID.

    ** Please note: ACSI Club ID is an ongoing membership. Your ACSI Club ID will automatically be renewed on the day your current membership expires (this date is on your ACSI Club ID card). You can cancel the automatic extension at any time, but at least 2 months before the expiry date. If you don't do this before the expiry date, your ACSI Club ID will automatically be renewed for a year.